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BLOT series

The BLOT series (tableware, wooden table, and space divider) is an object series created by THE NAIVE SIDE during the Gyedong Baeryeom House artist residency program. This series is inspired by the blend of tradition and innovation, the exchange between people, and the traces and stains left afterward.

When inviting someone, we spread a white tablecloth, clean the house thoroughly, and present ourselves as neatly and tidily as possible. The traces left behind after that time are considered stains to be cleaned and things to be erased.

THE NAIVE SIDE considered such stains as someone's traces, memories of our encounters, and records containing moments like the age rings of a tree. We wanted to pay attention to the beauty that the patterns, shapes, and colors of those 'stains' can possess.

In the scenes presented through the BLOT series, objects made with their unique wit and affectionate design language fill the space. Coffee tables crafted from wood, ceramic objects handmade through handbuilding, and fabric works directly dyed with coffee waste and embroidered carry traces formed during processes of burning, melting, or dyeing. On top of them will naturally be added traces and stains of someone.



YEAR: 2024

TYPE: Furniture, Object

COLOR: Mixed

MATERIAL: (Burnt) Oak, Coffee-dyed fabric, and Porcelain

SIZE: Various dimensions

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