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BOUND series

The first BOUND series from THE NAIVE SIDE reimagines traditional bookbinding with a bold, modern twist. This collection is crafted by roughly hand-stitching multiple layers of canvas fabric and oil-treated black leather onto cold, industrial steel structures.

Before adhesive binding methods were developed, sewing and stitching with thread was the simplest and most effective way to preserve books. Just as words come together to form sentences, sentences to form text, and texts to form a book, the creation and editing processes are fundamental to the existence of books.

Drawing inspiration from this timeless craft, THE NAIVE SIDE's BOUND series ditches adhesives entirely, relying solely on the layering of materials and intricate thread knots. This series features various pieces such as chairs, stools, wall-mounted shelves, book stands, and mirror stands, all made from steel, canvas fabric, and leather, each with its own unique properties.




YEAR: 2024

TYPE: Furniture, Object

COLOR: Mixed

MATERIAL: Steel, Canvas, Oiled black leather, and Thread

SIZE: Various dimensions

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