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YEAR: 2024

LOCATION: BAERYEOM's HOUSE in Bukchon Hanok Village (SEOUL, KR)


The Baeryeom’s House in Gyedong is the National Registered Cultural Heritage No.85 in South Korea. This is where the painter Baeryeom once lived, offering a glimpse into the appearance of modern Hanok (traditional Korean house). Thanks to the always-open door in the Baeryeom’s house, a place where preservation and novelty intertwine, it naturally becomes a destination where visitors' footsteps never cease. THE NAIVE SIDE noticed the blend of tradition and novelty encountered here, as well as the natural exchange of culture in this place filled with traces and stains left behind by people who leave after short moments.

When inviting someone, we prepare a white tablecloth, clean the house thoroughly, and present ourselves as neatly and tidily as possible. And the traces left behind are considered stains to be cleaned and things to be erased.

THE NAIVE SIDE thought of such stains as someone's traces, memories of our encounters, and records containing moments like the age of a tree. And we wanted to pay attention to the beauty that the patterns, shapes, and colors of those 'stains' can possess. Just as there is a charm in the quiet and calm moments after the exciting start of every exhilarating encounter, like the faint fragrance that slowly rises after the strong first scent.

As hosts inviting people to meet during the exhibition, THE NAIVE SIDE tried to capture the beauty of stains and traces through various materials and objects, incorporating the refreshing breeze that stains bring into the invitation. As Koreans based in the Netherlands who live amidst traditional and new things, we regard the invitation, anticipation, and traces of encounters seen from the Baeryeom’s house as memories to be cherished rather than stains to be erased. And ultimately, the meaning behind those stains quietly conveys the desire to approach someone not only with an impressive first impression but also with a gentle fragrance that lingers after leaving. It will be similar to the desired impression and appearance conveyed through their design.

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