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'We never tire of Playing'

Both designers hold a BA in Man and Well-Being from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019. They have worked on research-based projects, contemplating contemporary issues. Along the way, they have felt a thirst for basic instinct for making something as a play. So they decided to bring out the most innocent parts of themselves that they had constrained, thus making their playground through design to invite people.

'Designing the attitue'

‘Naive’ in its name reflects their design attitude. Their furniture, objects, and space will reflect innocent curiosity and joy - essential things of our lives - rather than experience, wisdom, and too complex consideration.

The design of ‘The Naive Side’ can be positioned between innocent curiosity and play. Their design language might not be standardized, sometimes expressing mischievous gestures. And these atypical and chimerical aspects would be natural features that humans with realistic minds have kept aside.

THE NAIVE SIDE is a Nederlands-based design studio founded in 2023 by Seok-Hyeon Yoon ( and Soowon Chae (, and it is also their playground.




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