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YEAR: 2023

TYPE: Furniture, Object

COLOR: Mixed

MATERIAL: Surplus stone discarded after processing, Recycled LLDPE, Recycled acrylic

SIZE: Various dimensions

Mimic refers to living things having protective coloration to hide themselves and survive in nature or someone imitating another person’s mannerisms for fun or ridicule. It is different from imitating which means just following something set as an example or model. From that point, we wanted to reflect the increasingly blurred boundaries between nature and industry of today by connecting the stone of nature and the recycled plastic and acrylic of the Anthropocene in a row.​


We wanted to reflect the perspective of ITAMI JUN who had lived within the boundaries through the combination of three materials that can be looked harmonious and different at the same time, the materiality of each material, and our sensory experience of the objects. Also, they will reflect the human beings who live within other boundaries now.​


The MIMIC series consists of five objects: stool, vase, container, circle tray, and square tray. They are exclusively available at ITAMI JUN MUSEUM as a limited object series.

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