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YEAR: 2023

TYPE: Furniture 


MATERIAL: Various wood

SIZE: W900 x D500 x H1000

The first furniture series from THE NAIVE SIDE is the ‘PIƎCƎ’ series consisting of a chair, a side table, and a lamp - each constructed with three pieces of plates.

They are inspired by conventional and primitive play-like actions: drawing lines, cutting the lines to make shapes, and attaching the shapes to make 3D models. This simple and common process is joyful as well as retains the natural character of the makers. Also, through these actions, humans learn how to simplify objects, understand their form, and get a sense of color, leading to psychological stability and peace of mind.

Likewise, the first dot and lines made by THE NAIVE SIDE form three surfaces and then the first object series. The design language and the story in these three objects would be a root for the world of THE NAIVE SIDE.

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